Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain and Swelling Gone

May 16, 2013

Dear Mike,

We have one week left of the “Body Fat” challenge and I wanted to thank you!  I 
am not really concerned about winning any amount of money because I have already 
won!!!  When I first started the program (I choose the word program and not 
challenge or contest because it is just that, a way of life now) I was going 
through several major health issues.  One of which was severe Rheumatoid 
Arthritis pain.  My joints in various parts of my body were continually swollen 
and very painful.  Due to the fact that my R.A. also affects my voice box, I 
suffered one of the side effects of a raspy/ hoarse voice when flair ups would 
occur.  I must say that just 5 short weeks ago I was suffering and now, well 
let’s just say my life has changed.  My swelling is gone…completely!  My joints 
do not hurt at all!  I can stand up, squat, move around and be “hoarse” free 
without any pain.  Losing weight and body fat has been a bonus, but the holistic 
approach to feeling better and living a pain free life is the real win here.  
When we first met and I informed you of ALL my issues, you did not even bat an 
eyelash.  You knew that a change in my nutrition plan would be beneficial.  It 
has been such a pleasure to work with someone who truly believes in this 
wonderful approach to healing and living life.   I will be forever grateful for 
the new life you have introduced me to.  You cannot put any dollar amount on the 
way I feel.  I hope that more people with any health concerns find the strength 
and courage to put their faith in you and your program.

Spring 2013 winner of a new pain free life!!!

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