Win Up To $5,000 and Lose Up To 48 lbs in Only 6 Short Weeks! Register for the Next Body Fat Challenge Below:

Our Latest Champion! Fall 2014 Body Fat Challenge 1st Place

Fall 2015 Body Fat Challenge

Lose up to 48 lbs and Win up to $5000 in Only 6 Short Weeks!

FREE Kick-Off Body Fat Challenge Nutrition Seminar

Wednesday Night September 9th, 2015  6pm at Mike Duffy’s Personal Training Oakhurst, NJ

Thursday Night September 10th, 2015  6pm at Mike Duffy’s Personal Training Little Silver, NJ


This Body Fat Nutrition Seminar details the nutrition

plan that has helped people lose up to 48.5 lbs in

only 6 short weeks! If you want results like this

you must attend this seminar.

Official Weigh-in Site:

Mike Duffy’s Personal Training
52 Monmouth Road
Oakhurst, NJ 07755  (Map It)
Phone: (732) 263-0202

Weigh-in Date: Thursday September 17th, 2015

Weigh-in Times: 6:00AM to 6:00PM

Register for “The 2015 Fall Body Fat Challenge” by filling out

the form at the top of this page. Hurry, only 80 spots are available and we have

sold out the past few events quickly!

Body Fat Challenge Rules and Regulations:

  • All contestants must use a Mike Duffy’s Personal Trainer at least once per week during the 6 week contest.
  • Competitors must eat at least 3 meals per day, no starvation diets (this is a body fat contest NOT a weight loss contest).
  • The final weigh in date is Thursday October 29th, 2015. There will be NO weigh-ins after this date. You can weigh in any time before this date by appointment only.
  • Determination of Winners: For the past 17 years we have determined the winner based on the DIFFERENCE between their initial and final body fat measurements NOT the percentage of the two measurements. For example, if your initial body fat measurement was 20% and your final measurement was 32% then the DIFFERENCE is 12% and that will be the number used in determining the winners.
  • The top 3 place winners receive cash prizes. The minimal first place prize will be $1000 and the maximum first place prize will be $5000. Total prize money is determined by the number of contestants. Additional prizes are awarded for runners up from our sponsors.
  • The top 3 place winners will receive checks within two weeks of the end of the Challenge. Cash prizes will only be given after contestants have their picture taken and hand in a testimonial OR provide us with a video testimonial. Contestants agree to let Mike Duffy’s personal training use their before and after photos to promote future Challenges. Refusal to do so will mean a forfeiture of prize monies.
  • Winners will be responsible for any state, local or federal taxes on prize monies and must complete a W-9 form before prize monies are given.
  • All contestants must be over 16 and in good health. Some contestants might be asked for their physicians approval to enter the Challenge. Contestants under the age of 18 must have their parents or legal guardians come into our location to sign all documents to show that they have parental and physician approval.