Down 47.5 lbs and Doctor Reduces Thyroid Medications in only 8 Weeks!

Ken and Marnette Hayes both joined our 14 Day Fat Furnace Program. Ken lost 15 lbs and Marnette lost 13.5 lbs in only 2 short weeks. They both continued with our 6 Week Body Fat Challenge and after a total of 8 weeks Ken was down 47.5 lbs and Marnette was down 33.5 lbs! Amazing results but what is more amazing is that Ken's doctor recommended he reduce his Thyroid medication. Ken was able to get … [Read more...]

“I no longer need my diabetic medications.”

"I no longer need my diabetic medications." Julie Stewart placed 3rd in our most recent Body Fat Challenge. Jule lost 16 lbs, 11.42% body fat and won $300 for her efforts. Most importantly she improved her health. Julie was involved in a horrible motorcycle accident only a few months ago but with determination and perseverance she achieved amazing results in only 6 short weeks. You go girl! … [Read more...]

Client Loses 29 lbs in 6 Weeks and Wins $700

Michelle Shiappacasse entered our Fall 2015 Body Fat Challenge. Six weeks later she lost 29 lbs and 12.43% body fat when she place second our of 35 challengers. Michelle won $700 for her efforts. … [Read more...]

37 lb Weight Loss Wins Fall 2015 Six Week Body Fat Challenge

John Riley won the Fall 2015 Body Fat Challenge by losing 37 lbs and 13.49% Body Fat in only 6 short weeks. John lost weight, feels more energetic, his skin cleared up all despite having an under active thyroid. Exercise+nutrition+experienced coaches=health and vibrancy. … [Read more...]

Like Many People, She Did Not Know She Couldn’t Have Gluten.

Alaina entered our Fall 2014 Body Fat Challenge and did very well. Not only did she lose 25 lbs in only 6 weeks but she "increased her energy and nights of sound sleep" via proper nutrition. Yes, she had already been working out but it wasn't until she changed her nutrition that she attained her results. Alaina came back a year later to do a 1 year check up on her body fat and told us the story … [Read more...]

Off Blood Pressure Meds with 44 lb Weight Loss!

Candy Neely lost 44 lbs while working with our Nutrition Consultant CarolAnn Duffy. Candy's husband also lost 30 lbs just following Candy's lead. Candy did so well that her doctor took her off her blood pressure medication. Eat right & get healthy! … [Read more...]

A Simple Tweak to Her Diet and the Weight Came Off

Some people prefer to remain anonymous and I respect that. The client pictured here has been working with me for 6 weeks nutrition only. She lived about an hour away and worked out on her own. She always worked out and this was not the problem. A few tweaks to her nutrition plan and it had a profound affect. If you have been working out for years and have not seen a change in your physique then … [Read more...]

10lbs Down during 14 Day Program

Congratulations to Jessica Carton (L) and Catie Rudnick (R) for each losing 10lbs during our recent 14 day program. Catie placed second and won a $100 Gift Certificate to River's Edge Cafe and Jessica placed third and won a $50 Gift Certificate to River's Edge Cafe also. River's Edge Cafe in Ocean serves Organic Meals that taste great! … [Read more...]

14 Day Fat Furnace Program a Huge Success!

Congratulations to Marnette Hayes. Marnette won our 14 Day Fat Furnace Weight Loss Challenge. Marnette lost 13.5 lbs in only 14 days! Marnette topped a field of 28 people in the competition. Marnette won a 3 Month Boot Camp Membership for her efforts. … [Read more...]

44 lbs Lighter!

Here is Joy Davis Powlette. She has been working so hard on her nutrition and fitness and it is really paying off. Joy never misses a session, always has a smile on her face and works her butt off every time she is in the studio. Great job by her nutrition coaches CarolAnn Vila-Duffy & Rose Dowe as well as her trainers Doug Fresh & Rose Dowe! … [Read more...]