Client drops 44 points on Cholesterol Test in 8 weeks!

Info Poster Dan Batista

We would like to thank our client Dan Batista for sending us a text message and letting us know that he has dropped 44 points on his cholesterol test after 8 weeks on our program. You have control over your health so get with the program and call us! … [Read more...]

A Remarkable 42 lb weight loss in Only 6 Weeks!

Info Poster Kevin Evanko

Kevin Evanko lost an amazing 42 lbs in only 6 short weeks. Kevin followed our nutrition plan, participated in our boot camp classes and trained with one of our personal trainers which is what the program consists of.  Kevin also lost an amazing 12.68% body fat and placed second in our 6 week Spring 2014 Body Fat Challenge. Take a look at Kevin's amazing transformation. … [Read more...]

Brad Hartzell wins Spring 2014 Body Fat Challenge. 13.41% less body fat, 34 lb weight loss lead to $4,500 grand prize!

Amazing 6 Week Transformation!

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Monmouth County Personal Trainer Helps Couple Lose 85 lbs!

Info Poster Walters

Ken and Sue Walters entered the Fall 2013 Body Fat Challenge and did great. They decided to continue on the program and 85 lbs later this is what they look like! … [Read more...]

Cholesterol 45 points lower in 6 weeks, 16 lbs down while eating eggs and red meat!

Info Poster Laura Nolan

Laura Nolan used to feel sluggish, have trouble sleeping at night and was worried about her cholesterol. Her doctor recommended she hire a nutritionist but when that did not work out she hired us to help her. We provided her with a nutrition plan that was right for her, it might not be right for you and I but perfect for her. Some of the information was against popular belief but backed by proper … [Read more...]

Another Amazing Transformation

Joy Dronne Winter 2014 Body Fat Challenge Contestant.

Hi Mike Just want to thank you and of course Irene for the opportunity to get in shape, learn great eating habits and overall feeling better about myself. It was hard work with more to go , but worth every bit... When you are accountable with the personal training and Challenge I feel you do much better than on your own. I learned so much about health overall. Irene Russo was a great motivator … [Read more...]

32 lbs Down, Diabetes and Cholesterol Under Control!

Info poster Mike Colicchio

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Update on Leanna Van Note

Info Poster Leanna 2013

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More on Cindy Allen

Info Poster Cindy Allen New 2013

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Down another 26lbs without Exercise!

Cindy Allen Before

Cindy Allen competed in our Fall 2012 Body Fat Challenge and placed 11th out of 65 people while losing 13 lbs. Unfortunately she had a mishap and broke a toe making it impossible to do cardio. However, Cindy continued on the nutrition plan and without any exercise over the Winter she lost an additional 26lbs! Cindy is now back working out with us and looking and feeling great! It's good to see you … [Read more...]