21 Day Program Begins March 9th

Info Poster Kathy Conte

Our next 21 Day Nutrition & Fitness Program will begin on Monday March 9th. Only 21 participants will be allowed. Learn how to Eat Properly, Exercise effectively, Look and Feel Better in only 3 weeks. Click Here for more Information. … [Read more...]

Mike Duffy’s Releases First E-Book

Rock Your Abs Forever Cover

Check out our new E-Book entitled "Rock Your Abs FOREVER." If you are looking for tight, toned and strong Abs and do not want to spend a lot of time getting them there then this is the book for you! Former Natural Mr. America Mike Duffy, BS CPT and owner of Mike Duffy's Personal Training Studios and Ernesto Roldan, CPPS RKC CPT and Head Trainer at Mike Duffy's Personal Training have combined their … [Read more...]

Client drops 44 points on Cholesterol Test in 8 weeks!

Info Poster Dan Batista

We would like to thank our client Dan Batista for sending us a text message and letting us know that he has dropped 44 points on his cholesterol test after 8 weeks on our program. You have control over your health so get with the program and call us! … [Read more...]

Barbara Magnusson Wins Fall 2014 Body Fat Challenge

Our Latest Champion! Fall 2014 Body Fat Challenge 1st Place

Barbara Magnusson has won the Fall 2014 Body Fat Challenge. She lost an amazing 30 pounds of body fat while losing over 14% body fat and earning $4,300 for 6 weeks of work. … [Read more...]

Want a FREE Guide on The Ultimate Body Transformation Secret?

The Ultimate Body Transformation Secret Cover

Click Here and follow the instructions to receive this FREE guide that contains the one "Secret" that will help you lose 50% more weight than people who do not know and follow the secret! … [Read more...]

Lose Up to 48 lbs and Win Up to $5,000 in 6 Short Weeks! Next Body Fat Challenge Begins September 18th

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Doctor Takes Client Off Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Meds!!!

Give Heart Disease A One Two Punch

I have been training people for over 30 years now and I have to admit that my favorite thing to hear from a satisfied client is that their doctor either reduced their medication (s) or even better took them off their medication (s). Below is a recent email I received from one of my clients: "Hi Mike, I hope you are doing well and having a good summer.  I wanted to let you know that the … [Read more...]

A Remarkable 42 lb weight loss in Only 6 Weeks!

Info Poster Kevin Evanko

Kevin Evanko lost an amazing 42 lbs in only 6 short weeks. Kevin followed our nutrition plan, participated in our boot camp classes and trained with one of our personal trainers which is what the program consists of.  Kevin also lost an amazing 12.68% body fat and placed second in our 6 week Spring 2014 Body Fat Challenge. Take a look at Kevin's amazing transformation. … [Read more...]

Brad Hartzell wins Spring 2014 Body Fat Challenge. 13.41% less body fat, 34 lb weight loss lead to $4,500 grand prize!

Amazing 6 Week Transformation!

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Don’t Give Up-NO Excuses!

Skip & Duffy

You might think you have a valid excuse and it might seem like a valid excuse to you at this time but there is NO excuse for not taking care of yourself today! We all have issues, busy lives, children, parents, husbands and wives, jobs and businesses but to be honest all of that cannot be taken care of by an unhealthy or sick individual. If you are the one taking care of everyone else, if you are … [Read more...]